More data. Better intelligence.

Junction is a service that gathers real time data about building systems and conditions and produces intelligence. This allows property managers, superintendents, and building owners to keep tabs on their assets and save money.

Air Temperature


Carbon Monoxide

Water Leak


Natural Gas

Air Quality



Problematic Noise

Contact Temperature Sensor

How JunctionBox Works


Plug a JunctionBox in and it immediately begins gathering data.  It monitors temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, flooding/water leaks, smoke, natural gas, air quality, problematic noise, lights and motion.  JunctionBox also records images and videos when necessary.


If conditions are abnormal, Junction delivers text and email alerts to help owners and managers stay informed and effective.


Junction analyses sensor data in the cloud, turns it into meaningful information and presents it in useful formats. Junction also provides recommendations and other actionable intelligence to help reduce losses and improve efficiency.