Junction Works With Nest®

Junction provides a dashboard that displays Nest Learning Thermostats and Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide readings in simple and useful ways and alerts you of any problems via email and SMS.

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Works with Nest

Smarter Data. Better Tools.

Junction organizes data from your different devices and presents it in a usable, cohesive format. Junction also combines information from those devices and presents you with actionable suggestions, designed to help you keep your physical locations in good repair, and generate efficiencies that can result in lowering your costs to own and operate your various physical spaces.

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JunctionBox is an all in one sensor array. Designed to be completely portable it has no complicated set up or installation. Just plug it in, it finds your local network and starts transmitting data. No internet? Not a problem, it comes with a hot USB cell modem. In the event that one of your threshold levels is breached, JunctionBox sends alerts vial SMS and email. Simple to use, always monitoring your environment.

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